Service Pledge

The Officials and Employees of the Local Government Unit of Merida do hereby pledge...
- To encourage development in the economic base sectors of the municipality to ensure increase livelihood and income opportunities that will uplift the economic status and quality of life of the people of Merida;
- To promote upgrading and adequate delivery of social services thereby ensuring health, safety, education and well-rounded development of the people of Merida;
- To provide access to infrastructure facilities, utilities and services that will allow free and easy movement of people, goods, and services within and outside of the Municipality of Merida
- To promote rational and judicious use of the land resources through viable land use planning and enforcement of land use regulations within the framework of sustainable development.


1. Business Permit MTO
2. Public Health Permit RHU
3. Building Permit MEO
4. Electrical Permit MO/MTO
5. Birth/ Death Certificate MCR
6. Marriage Certificate MCR
7. Mayors Permit MO
8. Property Assessment/ Transfer Fee ASSESSOR
9. Livestock Health Assistance AGRICULTURE
10. Seed Dispersal AGRICULTURE
12. Large Cattle Credential Market Inspector
13. Slaughter Fee Market Inspector
14. Police Clearance MTO
15. Pre-Marriage Counselling MCR
16. Large Cattle Credential MTO
17. Issuance of Tax Declaration ASSESSOR
18. Registration(Bicycles, weight & measures, pump-boats, chainsaw, animals) MTO
19. Issuance of Certified Copies Of Assessment Records ASSESSOR
20. Tax Clearance MTO

Hotline Number

Police: 0998-847-9622

Ambulance: 0912-655-4293

Rescue Unit: 0906-102-9014

Fire Station: 0908-627-2361